Every neighborhood business MUST be on the Internet.
The time is now, for many reasons. Local search, smartphones, local review site listings... you need to establish yourself officially on the Internet.

But it doesn't have to be expensive.
Even our $399 basic one page site will help a business. Let customers and Internet searches find you on the Internet and you establish yourself as an option to new customers.

It doesn't have to be complicated.
We're the experts, with decades of experience. Let us get all the technical stuff out of your way.

You might not be an Internet person.
But your customers are, especially the potential customers who don't know you yet. Is your business word-of-mouth? Great! The Internet is where people are talking.

Token Internet Marketing works with neighborhood businesses... because we believe in them. The small storefronts - the service centers - the people working out of their homes - these are the heart and soul of our neighborhoods.

These are the people we turn to every day for the things we like and the services we need. That's why we're offering an affordable, personalized and tasteful web page. Let's get on the net; let's get listed; let's get going!
This is Token Internet Marketing.
We're a team of web developers, ready to help local, neighborhood businesses use the Internet. We build quality, personalized websites and help people accomplish their advertising and communication goals online.

We build quality websites.
We have a lot of experience in building sites that look professional and market you well.

We do a lot of other things too.
We can tell you about how to market your site, how to have your site sell you, whether to use Facebook or Twitter, to blog or not blog... but first let us get you a website.

Contact Token today.
Call us at 888-642-1945, or email us at info@tokeninternet.com.
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