TOKEN'S Internet a la carte!

Standard one-page website: $399, which includes

  • Website design
  • Content
  • Basic photography
  • Links to Google maps, Facebook, other social media
  • Link to a pdf of a menu, flyer, coupon, etc. that you supply
  • Domain name acquisition
  • DNS registration
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • All intellectual property rights
  • One year of hosting free!
Standard multi-page website: $599
  • Includes everything that comes with a one-page website
  • ...with menu and a secondary design for up to four additional pages
Extra pages
  • $50 each
  • $100 minimum charge
Standard site hosting (after the first year)
  • $99/year
Additional website needs
  • Favicon - $19 one time charge
  • E-mail forwarding - Emails from your website's address are sent to your personal email address. $99 first year, $49 addl years, up to five addresses
  • Additional URLs - Point additional domain names to your website. $20/year
  • CAPTCHA - So only humans can fill out your forms. $99 one time charge
Secure signon portal (manage your own website!)
  • $99 first year
  • $49 subsequent years
  • Single user ID and password leading to administrative page
  • Allows for upload of images, text changes
  • Need something more complicated? We can do anything you need!
Video or Audio
  • No additional charge, if you supply the file (mp3, wav, mpg, etc.)
  • Web-quality video we shoot, audio we record: $199
  • Broadcast-quality video or audio, $599 (Philadelphia metro area only, so far)
  • Broadcast on Comcast in Abington/Cheltenham market: $599 (4 airings, one per week)
  • Simple photography included with standard site, no additional charge
  • You prefer to take/supply pictures for our design? No additional charge
  • Professional photographer available (Philadelphia metro area only, so far)
  • $299 base (includes snapshots only); $299 per hour additional (if setup/lights/etc. required)
Traffic counter/reporting
  • Free on request! online reservation widget
  • $99 one-time price
  • Widget can be placed anywhere on any page, or can be integrated as its own page at the regular per-page price
Forms processing
  • Fill-in-the-blanks form $49 one-time price
  • File uploading capability, no extra charge
Uploaded file handling
  • Active directory of all uploaded files
  • Delete and download catability for every file
  • $149 one-time price
Recaptcha - protecting forms
  • $99 one-time price
Minor changes to any website we build
  • No Additional charge for simple changes (a few minutes, once a month)
  • Need more extensive changes? Let's talk!
Premium website: $999, sebsequent years hosting $149 per year
Everything in the Standard multipage website with...
  • Additional designer interaction with only the best Token designers
  • Intermediate development rounds in a team-oriented process
  • Bring out your unique needs when only a uniquely developed site will do
  • For those who have more to say -- or need a more elegant way to say it!
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