BUT in 2011, fewer and fewer people use the Yellow Pages.
Instead, they're doing Internet searches and getting LOCAL results.

On the right, you see part of Google's results if you search for "pizza" and you live in Phoenixville, PA. After the three big chains, this appears along with a map with pointers to each of the locations.

Google knows that if you're searching for "pizza", you don't want information about pizza. You want to know where you can GET pizza.

Local Internet search is the new Yellow Pages.
Twenty years ago, if you weren't in the Yellow Pages, you didn't exist. Today, if you aren't on the Internet, you don't exist.

The nice thing is, you don't need to have an expensive website to be seen on the Internet. You just need a few basics; a page or two with your information, in a format that Google and other search engines can read. It should be professional-looking and customized, so that your customers know that it's you.

If having a website is something you've put off, now is the time to get started.
Five years ago, having your own website didn't really make all that much sense for most places. Today, there's nobody who won't benefit from having a page. It tells people you're there, open for business. It tells people you're serious. But most importantly, it tells Google and the other search pages the details that everybody needs to know.

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