Because your website doesn't have to be expensive.
Our professional websites are less expensive than the old Yellow Pages ads. Because you don't need a lot of technology and bells and whistles. You need a customized, professional-looking site that tells people you're there and open for business.

That's why the basic site is $399. One page, with one additional large image of your pricing, menu, or basic information. And if you need additional pages, it's only $599 for up to five pages with an additional design.

We keep it simple.
Even if you could design your own site, you'd still have to get your domain name registered, find a reliable web host, and get it into the search engines. Then you'd have to monitor the site and pay all the vendors. Instead, pay us once to set everything up - and then an affordable yearly fee after that.

We're experts in this... your nephew isn't.
We've been working on Internet marketing and developing websites since the Internet began. We have decades of experience in everything Internet-related. The really technical "behind the scenes" parts? We've done it. Design and development for marketing? We've done it. E-commerce, branding, social networking, blogging? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

With our complete understanding of the Internet, we make the best choices about what you need, how to set your site up, and how to have the search engines find you.

And we care.
And that's the biggest difference of all.

If having a website is something you've put off, now is the time to get started.

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