Having a website is critical.
And many neighborhood businesses don't need anything else. A website gets you into search results, which is critical. After that, the Internet offers hundreds of possible ways to get even more information out.

Token doesn't want to sell you what you don't need.
Because we're honest, and we care, we aren't here to sell you things that won't help you. But depending on what you do, we may be able to help you get even more business via Internet marketing.

We have experience.
We're happy to talk to you about the Internet, and all the possible ways you can market your business using the net. Here are some ideas to start with, to get to the "next level."

A bigger website.
Our standard website covers the basics, but what if you have more to say? If you do, you'll get more hits from the search engines. Google is happy to index every word you can put on your site. If you sell pizza, you'll want Google to find you with the word "pizza"; but if you sell calzones, steaks, sandwiches, you'll want Google to find you for those items as well. Put everything you do online: every brand you use, every service you offer, every location you serve. Emphasize your strengths and the people will come to you!

Email forwarding.
Do you recieve email on behalf of your business? Email forwarding gives you addresses containing your domain name. Using "info@hotmail.com" is fine, but "info@mybusiness.com" is better: it's more professional, and it markets your website without you thinking about it.

Email lists/advertising.
If you have something new to say, why not say it directly to your best customers? Token can help by setting up email marketing. Send special offers, coupons, new services to your regulars. Use your name, your address, your colors... and include high-quality subscription management, so that people can always unsubscribe easily if they prefer.

Google AdWords and other online advertising.
Token has run online campaigns, and you can too! Google's advertising product lets you spend as little or as much as you like to reach new customers. And just like search has become local, online advertising has become local. You can target specific neighborhoods or specific websites with your message. We've done it. Let us help.

Coupons/special offers.
You could put up something that never changes. But how about an automatically rotating set of offers that changes every week?

Whatever you can think of. Whatever your competition is doing.
There are hundreds of possibilities. Let us develop a custom proposal that will let you take advantage of all we have to offer.

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